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Il mio cuore gentile Musica Profile 1996.. Volunteer!
anos despues Radar Interview 1996.. Volunteer!
Michelle Shocked's First Annual Underground Test Site Tour Various Profile 1996.3. Volunteer!
The Pantry Interview with Michelle Shocked WheatBread Interview 1996.4.14 Volunteer!
Out of court and ready to rock Tucson Citizen Profile 1996.4.18 Volunteer!
The education of Michelle Shocked Dallas Observer Profile 1996.4.25 Volunteer!
Don't Mess With Michelle Ace Profile 1996.5.0 Volunteer!
Songwriter swings into town Marquee (Charlottesville) Profile 1996.5.10 Volunteer!
Shocked in control, coming to lexington Lexington Herald Leader Profile 1996.5.12 Volunteer!
Jazz City Louisiana Weekly Profile 1996.5.13 Volunteer!
Shock worth absorbing Downtown Profile 1996.5.16 Volunteer!
Michelle Shocked survives her share of jolts Detroit News Profile 1996.5.16 Volunteer!
Michelle to shock the pop parade Examiner Profile 1996.5.16 Volunteer!
Michelle Shocked is free at last Portsmouth Herald Spotlight Profile 1996.5.16 Volunteer!
Michelle Shocked for the Opera House Cork Advertiser Profile 1996.5.28 Volunteer!
Michelle Shocked Ultimo Preview - Concert 1996.6. Volunteer!
Catch them in the act Fremont Argus Preview - Concert 1996.9.22 Volunteer!
Michelle Shocked, singing New York Times Profile 1996.9.26 Volunteer!
Michelle Shocked releases 1st album in four years Grand Rapids Press Profile 1996.9.28 Volunteer!
Redeemed Shocked Resurfaces Vancouver Sun Profile 1996.10. Volunteer!
Shocked retains ownership of new album Daily Insider News Item 1996.10.1 Volunteer!
Michelle Shocked sings... again Flint Journal Profile 1996.10.3 Volunteer!
Simply Shocking Salt Lake Tribune Profile 1996.10.4 Volunteer!
Shocked Treatment Los Angeles Times Profile 1996.10.6 Volunteer!
Michelle Shocked breaks the established mold Santa Fe New Mexican Profile 1996.10.11 Volunteer!
Shocked stays true to roots Daily Profile 1996.10.11 Volunteer!
Letter to the Editor Los Angeles Times Opinion 1996.10.13 Volunteer!
Michelle Shocked finally breaks free of Mercury's orbit Phoenix Gazette Profile 1996.10.15 Volunteer!
Michelle Shocked Willamette Week Profile 1996.10.16 Volunteer!
Redeemed Shocked Resurfaces Georgia Strait Profile 1996.10.17 Volunteer!
Shocked breaks free in new album Contra Costa Times Profile 1996.10.18 Volunteer!
Shocked therapy: Poignant CD & legally set free Seattle Post-Intelligencer Profile 1996.10.18 Volunteer!
Shocked shocked by 'too good' pact Oregonian Profile 1996.10.18 Volunteer!
Poised to move in a different direction Los Angeles Daily Times Profile 1996.10.18 Volunteer!
Shocked Revelations San Francisco Chronicle Profile 1996.10.20 Volunteer!
Michelle Shocked Hollywood Reporter Review - Concert 1996.10.22 Volunteer!
Shocking revelations from Michelle Vancouver Sun Profile 1996.10.22 Volunteer!
Mercury poisoning Boulder Weekly Interview 1996.10.24 Volunteer!
'Campaign for Real Rock' festival features 50 local bands Hartford Courant Preview - Concert 1996.10.24 Volunteer!
Michelle Shocked Vancouver Province Profile 1996.10.24 Volunteer!
Back on top Spokane Spokesman Review Profile 1996.10.24 Volunteer!
Shocked emerges from 4-year exile with maturity and sense of purpose Salt Lake City Deseret News Profile 1996.10.25 Volunteer!
Add Michelle Shocked to list of artists decrying record company 'slavery' Dallas Morning News Profile 1996.10.27 Volunteer!
Michelle Shocked masterful Spokane Spokesman Review Review - Concert 1996.10.28 Volunteer!
ASCAP news Performing Songwriter News Item 1996.11.0 Volunteer!
Shocking Texas Monthly Profile 1996.11.0 Volunteer!
Shocked and DeMent: Voices from the outside Boston Globe Profile 1996.11.1 Volunteer!
A Victory for a Renegade Long Island Newsday Profile 1996.11.3 Volunteer!
Shocked takes new turn Berkshire Eagle Profile 1996.11.3 Volunteer!
Three proud individuals are doing it their own way Philadelphia Inquirer Profile 1996.11.3 Volunteer!
Michelle Shocked shakes free from unproductive label contract Indianapolis News Profile 1996.11.4 Volunteer!
Michelle Shocked shakes loose from label Indianapolis Star Profile 1996.11.4 Volunteer!
Shocked toughs it out with label Daily Hampshire Gazette Profile 1996.11.4 Volunteer!
Michelle Shocked and Iris DeMent trade tracks TAB Profile 1996.11.5 Volunteer!
Michelle Shocked comes to the TLA on South St Nov 8 Main Line Life Profile 1996.11.7 Volunteer!
20 questions Philadelphia City Paper Interview 1996.11.8 Volunteer!
Three chords and something to say Hackensack Record Profile 1996.11.8 Volunteer!
After legal battle, Shocked releases emotional new album Searcy Daily Citizen Review - Album 1996.11.8 Volunteer!
Shocked Treatment New York Post Preview - Concert 1996.11.8 Volunteer!
'Kind Hearted' but Still Shocked New York Daily News Preview - Concert 1996.11.8 Volunteer!
Michelle Shocked Time Out Preview - Concert 1996.11.8 Volunteer!
Lawsuit ends Mercury label deal Youngstown Vindicator Profile 1996.11.11 Volunteer!
Feuds on parade Warren Tribune Chronicle Profile 1996.11.12 Volunteer!
Michelle Shocked Village Voice Preview - Concert 1996.11.12 Volunteer!
Michelle Shocked Tip (Berlin Magazine) Preview - Concert 1996.11.12 Volunteer!
Shocked breaks free from label slavery Greensburg Tribune Preview - Concert 1996.11.13 Volunteer!
Weekend music includes Michelle Shocked, Nada Surf and others Broadside (George Maso University) Preview - Concert 1996.11.14 Volunteer!
They said it... Jackson Clarion Ledger Profile 1996.11.14 Volunteer!
Shocked's voice melds tenderness and torment Atlanta Journal Constitution Preview - Concert 1996.11.15 Volunteer!
Look who's back in charge Times Profile 1996.11.22 Volunteer!
Shocked episodes Irish Independent Profile 1996.11.23 Volunteer!
Michelle Shocked: A musical trip through an emotional wringer Advocate Profile 1996.11.28 Volunteer!
Die Nachgeborene Berlin Ticket Preview - Concert 1996.12. Volunteer!
Allo Shocking le sorie rurali di Michelle Shocked l'Unita Preview - Concert 1996.12.4 Volunteer!
Michelle Shocked l'affranchie revient sur la scene de Fri-Son La Liberte Preview - Concert 1996.12.4 Volunteer!
Warner selects Pula to head its Marketing Department Los Angeles Times News Item 1996.12.5 Volunteer!
Michelle Shocked- der sinnliche Folkstar Bild (Berlin) Preview - Concert 1996.12.10 Volunteer!
Michelle Shocked habt Autotelefone Berliner Kurier Preview - Concert 1996.12.10 Volunteer!
Ackerbau und Agit-Pop: Michelle Shocked in Huxley's Cantina Die Tageszeitung Profile 1996.12.10 Volunteer!
Musik-tip Prinz (Berlin) Preview - Concert 1996.12.12 Volunteer!

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