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Michelle Shocked Martin, Hugh Beat Magazine Review - Concert 1992.. Volunteer!
Return of the Arkansas Traveler Staff Rhythms Magazine Profile 1992.. Volunteer!
Sisters Doing It Themselves Staff [unknown] Review - Album 1992.. Volunteer!
Michelle Shocked Staff [unknown] 1992.. Volunteer!
Shock Treatment Graham, Jill New Zealand Herald Review - Album 1992.0.0 Volunteer!
Michelle Shocked Reilly, Terence Beat Magazine Review - Album 1992.0.0 Volunteer!
Michelle Shocked McDonnell, Evelyn Interview Interview 1992.3.0 Volunteer!
Future Shocked Mishel, Tatyana Elle Profile 1992.3.0 Volunteer!
We are Shocked Michelle Staff Queer Nation Opinion 1992.3.23 Volunteer!
The Freewheelin' Michelle Shocked Gordon, Robert Creem Interview 1992.4.0 Volunteer!
Michelle Shocked Caru, Paolo Buscadero Profile 1992.4.0 Volunteer!
Roam if you want to Misko, Taras Rave Interview 1992.4.8 Volunteer!
Shocked fans get surprise movie date with Michelle Chilton, Jane Journal 1992.4.8 Volunteer!
The Big Tours Staff On The Street News Item 1992.4.11 Volunteer!
Shocked Treatment Schoemer, Karen Mademoiselle Profile 1992.5.0 Volunteer!
Michelle Shocked Morris, Michael Juke Australian Weekly Review - Album 1992.5.2 Volunteer!
Michelle Shocked Dee Rip It Up Review - Album 1992.5.7 Volunteer!
Michelle Shocked Staff Sun-Herald Review - Album 1992.5.17 Volunteer!
Homage to heartlands a concept that works Brearley, David Australian Review - Album 1992.5.27 Volunteer!
L.A. Riots: Cartoons vs. Reality Shocked, Michelle Billboard Opinion 1992.6.20 Volunteer!
First-rate work by Shocked Armstrong, Alastair [unknown] Press Review - Album 1992.6.26 Volunteer!
Rap and Race Leland, John Newsweek Profile 1992.6.29 Volunteer!
Michelle Shocked Denti, Marco Mucchio Selvaggio Interview 1992.7.0 Volunteer!
A Wandering Star Holmes, Peter Sydney Morning Herald Review - Concert 1992.7.16 Volunteer!
Shocked but still Swingin' Smith, Michael Drum Interview 1992.8.12 Volunteer!
Shocked Treatment Pidduck, Julianne Montreal Mirror Preview - Concert 1992.8.20 Volunteer!
Michelle Shocked shows genius for being herself Lamey, Mary Montreal Gazette Profile 1992.8.21 Volunteer!
Return of the Prodigal Daughter Solondz, Simone Acoustic Guitar Profile 1992.9.0 Volunteer!
Michelle Shocked Staff Rhythms Magazine Preview - Concert 1992.10. Volunteer!
Interview Staff [unknown] Profile 1992.10. Volunteer!
Shocked Therapy Doherty, Linda Newcastle Herald Interview 1992.10.12 Volunteer!
Michelle Shocked Returns Staff Drum News Item 1992.10.20 Volunteer!
Michelle Shocked Returns Staff In-Press News Item 1992.10.21 Volunteer!
Tori Amos & Michelle Shocked to tour Staff On The Street News Item 1992.10.21 Volunteer!
Celebrities talk change at Ohio Union political rally Schwier, Dave Ohio State Lantern Review - Concert 1992.10.21 Volunteer!
Singer sees herself as an anarchist Knopper, Steve Boulder Daily Camera Preview - Concert 1992.10.30 Volunteer!
More Shocked Dates Staff Drum News Item 1992.11.24 Volunteer!
Michelle Shocked Staff On The Street News Item 1992.11.24 Volunteer!
Worlds AIDS Day programs on 3CR Lopez, Elisabeth Age Preview - Concert 1992.11.26 Volunteer!
Michelle Shocked Martin, Hugh Beat Magazine Interview 1992.12. Volunteer!
Return of the Arkansas Traveler Dee Rip It Up Profile 1992.12.3 Volunteer!
Shocked Treatment Jansen, Ara West Australian Interview 1992.12.3 Volunteer!
Michelle Shocked all at sea Dwyer, Michael Xpress Interview 1992.12.3 Volunteer!
Songs that came a long way Daly, Mike Age Preview - Concert 1992.12.4 Volunteer!
Record of the Week Staff Sunday Age Review - Album 1992.12.6 Volunteer!
Shocked's experiences are in tune Koha, Nui Te Herald-Sun News Pictorial Review - Concert 1992.12.7 Volunteer!
Michelle Shocked Staff Drum News Item 1992.12.8 Volunteer!
Uncovering R&B's black face Cochrane, Peter Sydney Morning Herald Interview 1992.12.8 Volunteer!
Don't Be Shocked By New Idealism Cale, Liam Time Off Interview 1992.12.9 Volunteer!
Deep in the Art of Texas Sawford, Gavin Rave Interview 1992.12.9 Volunteer!
Stories and fun for y'all Sutton, Shane Advertiser (Adelaide) Review - Concert 1992.12.9 Volunteer!
Michelle's 'trial by fire' with her heroes McCabe, Kathy Daily Telegraph-Mirror Interview 1992.12.10 Volunteer!
Michelle's long, lasting kiss Waller, Lisa Canberra Times Interview 1992.12.10 Volunteer!
Michelle Shocked Dee Rip It Up Review - Concert 1992.12.10 Volunteer!
Folksy Michelle sings and talks way into hearts Jansen, Ara West Australian Review - Concert 1992.12.10 Volunteer!
Time Travelling Andrew, Stephen Juke Australian Weekly Interview 1992.12.12 Volunteer!
International Tourists Pt 2 Staff Juke Australian Weekly News Item 1992.12.12 Volunteer!
Travelling light with a persuasive performer Elder, Bruce Sydney Morning Herald Review - Concert 1992.12.14 Volunteer!
Michelle Shocked Smith, Michael Drum Review - Concert 1992.12.15 Volunteer!
Sydney Update Staff On The Street Preview - Concert 1992.12.15 Volunteer!
Shocked absorbers White, Les On The Street Interview 1992.12.15 Volunteer!
Livid '92 Mullen, John Rave Review - Concert 1992.12.16 Volunteer!
Livid leaves hot legacy Conneeley, Serene West Australian Review - Concert 1992.12.17 Volunteer!
In Transit Dwyer, Michael Xpress Review - Concert 1992.12.18 Volunteer!
Livid Festivities McKenzie, Simon Juke Australian Weekly Review - Concert 1992.12.26 Volunteer!
Livid Festival Anderson, Richard On The Street Review - Concert 1992.12.29 Volunteer!
The Greatest Discs of 1992 Staff Xpress Review - Album 1992.12.31 Volunteer!

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