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Shocked Treatment Mumford, Laura Stempel [unknown] Review - Concert 1991.. Volunteer!
Michelle Shocked MacDonald, Carolyn Beat Magazine Preview - Concert 1991.. Volunteer!
Different Folk for Different Folks Graff, Gary Free Press Preview - Concert 1991.1. Volunteer!
Messengers back for Shocked concert Staff West Australian Preview - Concert 1991.1.31 Volunteer!
Hot stuff on the airwaves Bauwens, Di Xpress Preview - Concert 1991.2. Volunteer!
Folk music not a revival says singing survivor Bogle, Deborah Australian Profile 1991.2.27 Volunteer!
Michelle Shocked & The Messengers MacDonald, Carolyn [unknown] Review - Concert 1991.3. Volunteer!
Shocked Tactics Roach, Vicky Daily Telegraph Mirror Profile 1991.3.4 Volunteer!
Electric Eccentric Albrecht, Eddie [unknown] Profile 1991.3.7 Volunteer!
Michelle Shocked Staff Rip It Up Preview - Concert 1991.3.7 Volunteer!
Shocked gave them a surprise Thomas, Brett Sun Herald Preview - Concert 1991.3.10 Volunteer!
Michelle Shocked - and got away with it Freeman-Greene, Suzy Age Review - Concert 1991.3.11 Volunteer!
Shocked in the Somers Suite Hitchings, Stuart OTS Interview 1991.3.13 Volunteer!
Shock Announcement Waller, Lisa Canberra Times Preview - Concert 1991.3.14 Volunteer!
No shocks, just bliss of perfect accomplices Sly, David Advertiser (Adelaide) Profile 1991.3.15 Volunteer!
Another Shock Staff Limelight Preview - Concert 1991.3.15 Volunteer!
Shocked silence Gee, Mike West Australian Review - Concert 1991.3.16 Volunteer!
Streetcorner Ambassador Andrew, Stephen Juke Australian Weekly Preview - Concert 1991.3.16 Volunteer!
Country girl with a radical voice Elder, Bruce Sydney Morning Herald Review - Concert 1991.3.25 Volunteer!
Michelle Shocked & The Messengers Smith, Michael Drum Media Review - Concert 1991.3.26 Volunteer!
Backwoods tune-up Menconi, David News and Observer Profile 1991.4.25 Volunteer!
Songs von den roots Staff Junge Welt Journal Review - Concert 1991.5. Volunteer!
Session a Shocked to the system Oermann, Robert Tennessean Profile 1991.5.23 Volunteer!
Alternative folkie Michelle Shocked cam to Rising Fawn, GA. Ruth, Jim Chattanooga News Free Press Profile 1991.5.26 Volunteer!
Sssh! It's mum at Ultimo Watson, Bronwyn Sydney Morning Herald Preview - Concert 1991.5.27 Volunteer!
Best of the Guide Staff Advertiser (Adelaide) Preview - Concert 1991.5.30 Volunteer!
An Acoustic Odyssey Gardner, Jim Spectator Profile 1991.6.27 Volunteer!
Word Staff Seattle Times Profile 1991.6.28 Volunteer!
Shocked Value Van Schmidt, Tim Fort Collins Coloradoan Profile 1991.6.28 Volunteer!
Michelle Shocked Staff Atlanta Creative Loafing Profile 1991.6.29 Volunteer!
Shocked, Schizophrenic, and Suspicious Dwyer, Michael Xpress Preview - Concert 1991.7.3 Volunteer!
New record series proves rock spirit alive and well Staff Oshkosh Northwestern Profile 1991.7.23 Volunteer!
The Past Without Nostalgia Pareles, Jon New York Times Review - Concert 1991.10.13 Volunteer!
Michelle Shocked rambles back to her roots Ransom, Kevin Ann Arbor News Preview - Concert 1991.10.13 Volunteer!
This time Shocked warm, powerful Rasmussen, Eric Capital Times Review - Concert 1991.10.14 Volunteer!
Shocked stuns Students with Spontaneity Gnagni, Steve Daily Northwestern Review - Concert 1991.10.18 Volunteer!
'Typical' farewell Rogovoy, Seth Berkshire Eagle Preview - Concert 1991.10.24 Volunteer!
A history lesson by Michelle Shocked Newman, Stephen Tufts Daily (Tufts University) Review - Concert 1991.10.25 Volunteer!
Michelle Shocked's Style Schoemer, Karen New York Times Review - Concert 1991.10.27 Volunteer!
Austin acts highlight Berlin festival Staff Austin American Statesman Profile 1991.10.31 Volunteer!
Yoakam Delivers Rock-Flavored Honky-Tonk in Show at Universal Cromelin, Richard Los Angeles Times Review - Concert 1991.11.25 Volunteer!
Dwight Yoakam, Michelle Shocked Everett, Todd Variety Review - Concert 1991.11.27 Volunteer!
World Music, eclectically speaking Elder, Bruce Sydney Morning Herald Profile 1991.12.28 Volunteer!

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