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Shocked protests pay off Buchanan, Ellie [unknown] Review - Concert 1990.. Volunteer!
Michelle Shocked, Poi Dog Pondering Torn, Luke [unknown] Preview - Concert 1990.. Volunteer!
Shocked Value Wurtzel, Elizabeth New York Magazine Review - Album 1990.. Volunteer!
Simplicity and Swing Watt, Andrew [unknown] Profile 1990.. Volunteer!
Various Reviews Various Various 1990.. Volunteer!
?? Staff Focus 1990.. Volunteer!
Michelle Shocked bares her wit Aiges, Scott [unknown] Profile 1990.. Volunteer!
Michelle Shocked Holden, Angela InFashion Profile 1990.0.0 Volunteer!
Michelle Shocked Webber, Rowena [unknown] Review - Concert 1990.1.0 Volunteer!
Singer Shocked still 'subversive' but with swing Silverman, David San Diego Tribune Review - Concert 1990.1.1 Volunteer!
Aw-shucks, no shocks Small, Clint Melbourne Beat Magazine Review - Concert 1990.1.4 Volunteer!
Michelle Shocked Staff Herald Review - Concert 1990.1.4 Volunteer!
What's on Music Age Preview - Concert 1990.1.5 Volunteer!
We were there at the campfire Freeman-Greene, Suzy Age Review - Concert 1990.1.5 Volunteer!
Citywatch Roskrow, Dominic New Zealand Herald News Item 1990.1.5 Volunteer!
Ready to sing her mind McIlduff, Kevin West Australian Profile 1990.1.6 Volunteer!
Delightful songs of everyday things Breen, Marcus Sunday Herald (Melbourne) Review - Concert 1990.1.7 Volunteer!
All smiles from groovy Michelle Van Niekerk, Mike West Australian Review - Concert 1990.1.8 Volunteer!
Help the homeless renovate abandoned buildings Shocked, Michelle People Interview 1990.1.8 Volunteer!
Honest night of intimate songs Sly, David Advertiser (Adelaide) Review - Concert 1990.1.9 Volunteer!
All smiles from groovy Michelle Van Niekerk, Mike West Australian Review - Concert 1990.1.9 Volunteer!
Michelle - near perfect reminder that there is still pervasive power in folk Elder, Bruce Sydney Morning Herald Review - Concert 1990.1.10 Volunteer!
Entertaining the troops Reid, Graham Auckland Star Interview 1990.1.12 Volunteer!
Aye, aye, Captain Fletcher, Tony Record Mirror Profile 1990.1.13 Volunteer!
Texas Ranger Ward, David Melody Maker Review - Concert 1990.1.20 Volunteer!
Michelle Shocked Packham, Linda Juke Australian Weekly Review - Concert 1990.1.27 Volunteer!
Breaking the 'Bimbo' Mould Anderson, Penny City Life Profile 1990.2.1 Volunteer!
Swing on Sister J, J Magazine Profile 1990.2.1 Volunteer!
Michelle Shocked Ruben, Bruce Elan Profile 1990.3.0 Volunteer!
Michelle Shocked Highlights Benefit at Wiltern Hochman, Steve [unknown] Review - Concert 1990.3.6 Volunteer!
Musical impact Staff Columbia Daily Spectator Review - Concert 1990.3.15 Volunteer!
Michelle Shocked electrifies Berkeley crowd Georgandia, Adam Arizona Daily Wildcat Review - Concert 1990.3.20 Volunteer!
Michelle Shocked Hammer, Mike [unknown] Interview 1990.3.21 Volunteer!
Swinging Shocked charms club crowd Hughes, Kim Now Magazine Review - Concert 1990.4. Volunteer!
Campfire recording makes Shocked hot Beal, Jim [unknown] Preview - Concert 1990.4. Volunteer!
Michelle Shocked: Voting with her feet Bergeron, Michael Public News Interview 1990.4.4 Volunteer!
Homegirl Michelle Shocked Staff Dallas Observer Preview - Concert 1990.4.5 Volunteer!
Get ready for a Shock! Young, Ron San Antonio Light Preview - Concert 1990.4.5 Volunteer!
Troubadour Shocked does a swing shift Millard, Bob Dallas Times Herald Preview - Concert 1990.4.5 Volunteer!
Texas women who've made it big return Kestler, Lisa Fort Worth Star-Telegram Preview - Concert 1990.4.6 Volunteer!
Michelle Shocked Millard, Bob Datebook Preview - Concert 1990.4.6 Volunteer!
A shift by Shocked Michael, Shermakaye Bass Dallas Morning News Preview - Concert 1990.4.6 Volunteer!
Campfire recording makes Shocked hot Beal, Jim San Antonio Express News Preview - Concert 1990.4.6 Volunteer!
Many faces of Michelle Scott, Jane Cleveland Plain Dealer Preview - Concert 1990.4.6 Volunteer!
Shock to the system Clark, Mike Austin Daily Texan Preview - Concert 1990.4.6 Volunteer!
Folk singer successfully swinging into new persona Carman, Tim Houston Post Review - Concert 1990.4.7 Volunteer!
Michelle Shocked learns to swing in band style Oermann, Robert Nashville Tennessean Preview - Concert 1990.4.8 Volunteer!
Shocked, Poi Dog an undiluted mix Beal, Jim San Antonio Express-News Review - Concert 1990.4.9 Volunteer!
Black-clad Shocked begins tour at Tower Wenner, Denise Daily Cougar (U of Houston) Review - Concert 1990.4.10 Volunteer!
Rare Triple Bill Matthews, Dan Athens Observer Preview - Concert 1990.4.12 Volunteer!
Michelle shocked by industry ethics McCall, Michael Nashville Banner Preview - Concert 1990.4.12 Volunteer!
'Reformed' folk singer Silverman, David Willoughby News-Herald Preview - Concert 1990.4.13 Volunteer!
Michelle Shocked rolls through Texas with her road dawgs Hoekstra, Dave Chicago Sun Times Preview - Concert 1990.4.15 Volunteer!
Shocked delights in subversion Macklin, William R Grand Rapids Press Preview - Concert 1990.4.15 Volunteer!
Michelle Shocked contestee de Repentigny, Alain La Presse Interview 1990.4.15 Volunteer!
Shocked shows that intellectuals can swing Oermann, Robert Lafayette Journal & Courier Review - Album 1990.4.16 Volunteer!
Stunning a cappella voice hushes house Scott, Jane Cleveland Plain Dealer Review - Concert 1990.4.18 Volunteer!
Michelle Shocked handles her setbacks Pullen, Doug Saginaw News Preview - Concert 1990.4.19 Volunteer!
Michelle Shocked adds personas Reynolds, Bill Toronto Metropolis Preview - Concert 1990.4.19 Volunteer!
Shocked into revving it up Thompson, Bob Toronto Sun Profile 1990.4.20 Volunteer!
Michelle gets lesson in cause and effect Potter, Mitch Toronto Star Preview - Concert 1990.4.20 Volunteer!
All the Dirty World's a Stage... Staff Philadelphia News 1990.4.21 Volunteer!
Michelle Shocked startles on musical and political counts Wyman, Bill Chicago Tribune Review - Concert 1990.4.22 Volunteer!
Have women surrendered in MTV's Battle of the Sexes? Texier, Catherine New York Times Profile 1990.4.22 Volunteer!
Earth Day-the concert: rock 'n' roll to save the environment Morales, Eddie Diamondback (U of Maryland) Review - Concert 1990.4.23 Volunteer!
Letter from the Editor Craven, Courtney Daily Northwestern Preview - Concert 1990.4.25 Volunteer!
Earth Day 1990: Fertile of Futile? Yablon, Kiki Daily Northwestern Review - Concert 1990.4.25 Volunteer!
Shocked keeps fires burning for homeless Gowen, Anne Washington Times Preview - Concert 1990.4.26 Volunteer!
Post rocks on Earth Day Sokol, Craig Fairfax Broadside Review - Concert 1990.4.30 Volunteer!
Shocked decides to entertain, not shock, troops Kallam, Clay [unknown] Profile 1990.5. Volunteer!
'Good music with a simple tune St Pierre, Darlene Vancouver Sun 1990.5. Volunteer!
Swing ahoy! Staff [unknown] Preview - Concert 1990.5. Volunteer!
Michelle Shocked Swings Through 'Burgh Margolis, Lynne Rockflash Preview - Concert 1990.5. Volunteer!
Michelle Shocked Staff Nite Moves Preview - Concert 1990.5.0 Volunteer!
Minor variations on a theme Auerbach, Matthew New York Daily News Review - Concert 1990.5.2 Volunteer!
Musicians sing out To Save The Earth DeFretos, Lydia Carole [unknown] Review - Concert 1990.5.2 Volunteer!
Short, sharp, a little less shocking Smith, Andy Providence Journal Preview - Concert 1990.5.2 Volunteer!
Spring brings big-name shows Staff Portland Evening Express Preview - Concert 1990.5.3 Volunteer!
Spring jumps with concerts Gadberry, Greg Portland Press Herald Preview - Concert 1990.5.3 Volunteer!
Powerful performance pleases Shocked's troops O'Hare, Kevin Springfield Union-News Review - Concert 1990.5.4 Volunteer!
Michelle Shocked: Music first, politics second Smith, Andy Providence Journal Review - Concert 1990.5.5 Volunteer!
Texas Singer with multiple styles is swinging into Phila. Pensiero, Nicole Press Of Atlantic City Preview - Concert 1990.5.5 Volunteer!
Wasserman, Weir traveling side by side Selvin, Joel San Francisco Examiner Mention 1990.5.6 Volunteer!
Michelle Shocked a sincere contemporary artist Anstead, Alicia Bangor Daily News Review - Concert 1990.5.7 Volunteer!
Swing, surprises from Shocked Robicheau, Paul Boston Globe Review - Concert 1990.5.8 Volunteer!
Shocked Treatment Newcomb, Brian Q Riverfront Times Profile 1990.5.9 Volunteer!
Michelle Shocked at Westport May 11 King, Louise St Louis Post Dispatch Preview - Concert 1990.5.10 Volunteer!
Shocked Treatment Eischenwald, Wes Boston Phoenix Review - Concert 1990.5.11 Volunteer!
Singer Michelle Shocked Leads Warm and Invigorating Show King, Louise St Louis Post-Dispatch Review - Concert 1990.5.13 Volunteer!
Shocked's revolution: music, dancing and jam Wilder, Sherri Capital Times Review - Concert 1990.5.14 Volunteer!
'Folks' thrill Civic Center crowd St John, Michael Wisconsin State Journal Review - Concert 1990.5.14 Volunteer!
Shocked, with a horn fanfare Habich, John Minneapolis Star Tribune Preview - Concert 1990.5.15 Volunteer!
Michelle Shocked Kiss Variety Review - Concert 1990.5.16 Volunteer!
Michelle Shocked to perform Staff Salt Lake City Deseret News Preview - Concert 1990.5.16 Volunteer!
Performances by Myles and Shocked are hurt by success Bream, Jon Minneapolis Star Tribune Review - Concert 1990.5.18 Volunteer!
Shockingly Sharp Marks, Robin Minnesota Daily (UofM) Review - Concert 1990.5.18 Volunteer!
Michelle Shocked still shocking Denison, Paul Eugene Register Guard Preview - Concert 1990.5.18 Volunteer!
Anchorage Away Adams, Nick Plus Preview - Concert 1990.5.18 Volunteer!
Shocked Swerves Toward Swing Yamsuchi, Ron Georgia Straight Profile 1990.5.18 Volunteer!
This woman doesn't vote Republican Hunt, Ken Seattle Daily Profile 1990.5.18 Volunteer!
Shocked Value MacDonald, Patrick Seattle Times Preview - Concert 1990.5.18 Volunteer!
Impending stardom stings sharp Shocked Mackie, John Vancouver Sun Profile 1990.5.18 Volunteer!
Rebel Michelle Shocked plays Paramount Brown, G Denver Post Preview - Concert 1990.5.18 Volunteer!
Michelle Shocked 'Swings' into town Kallam, Clay West County Times Preview - Concert 1990.5.20 Volunteer!
Did Michelle Shock? No, she sang with wit and poignant beauty Jarvik, Elaine Deseret News Review - Concert 1990.5.21 Volunteer!
Michelle Shocked sings with passion at Kingsbury Brophy, John Paul Salt Lake Tribune Review - Concert 1990.5.22 Volunteer!
Shocked into recognition Harrison, Tom Vancouver Province Preview - Concert 1990.5.22 Volunteer!
Michelle Shocked gets audience shaking at Paramount Nelson, Rick Tacoma Morning News Tribune Review - Concert 1990.5.24 Volunteer!
Michelle's new style didn't shock the crowd MacDonald, Patrick [Times] Review - Concert 1990.5.24 Volunteer!
Snoringly slow week faces Weekenders Caldwell, Kate Ft Collins Review Review - Concert 1990.5.24 Volunteer!
Paramount crowd is Shocked into a swingin'-good evening Stout, Gene Seattle Post-Intelligencer Review - Concert 1990.5.25 Volunteer!
Shocked Therapy Staff Anaheim Bulletin Preview - Concert 1990.5.25 Volunteer!
Shocked always a surprise Bennett, Dan North County Blade Citizen Profile 1990.5.25 Volunteer!
Preview Staff Oceanside Blade Citizen Preview - Concert 1990.5.25 Volunteer!
Other choices Staff Sacramento Bee Preview - Concert 1990.5.25 Volunteer!
Singer Michelle Shocked wary of political movements Staff Cape Breton Post Profile 1990.5.25 Volunteer!
Singer shifts slightly back to mainstream Oermann, Robert Salinas Californian Profile 1990.5.26 Volunteer!
If she conformed, then she would no longer be Shocked Pearson, Mike Orange County Register Preview - Concert 1990.5.28 Volunteer!
Politics takes holiday in Shocked's new show Kelp, Larry San Francisco Tribune Review - Concert 1990.5.28 Volunteer!
Shocked gets into the swing Walters, Barry San Francisco Examiner Review - Concert 1990.5.28 Volunteer!
Swing Being Staff Los Angeles Times Preview - Concert 1990.5.29 Volunteer!
Shocked jolts Coach House crowd Davis, Noel Orange County Register Review - Concert 1990.5.30 Volunteer!
Shocked Doesn't Retreat; She Still Supplies High Voltage Washburn, Jim Los Angeles Times Review - Concert 1990.5.31 Volunteer!
Michelle Shocked's Dance-Happy Revolution Washburn, Jim Los Angeles Times Review - Concert 1990.5.31 Volunteer!
Michelle Shocked Schwager, Jeff [unknown] Review - Concert 1990.6. Volunteer!
Bacchanal gets Shock treatment Salm, Arthur San Diego Tribune Review - Concert 1990.6.1 Volunteer!
Catalyst crowd happily Shell Shocked Mittendorf, Robert Santa Cruz Sentinel Review - Concert 1990.6.1 Volunteer!
New Michelle Shocked tour features band Pearson, Mike Ventura County Star Free Press Preview - Concert 1990.6.1 Volunteer!
Guide to recommended Upcoming shows Zimmer, Dave BAM Preview - Concert 1990.6.1 Volunteer!
Michelle Shocked; John Wesley Harding Todd Variety Review - Concert 1990.6.5 Volunteer!
The returning power of the lonely troubadour Wright, Duncan Santa Barbara News-Press Review - Concert 1990.6.5 Volunteer!
Michelle Shocked Blair, Iain Hollywood Reporter Review - Concert 1990.6.5 Volunteer!
Rockin' Shocked Richardson, Derk San Francisco Bay Guardian Review - Concert 1990.6.6 Volunteer!
Michelle Shocked not another Madonna Jackson, JJ Newhall Signal & Saugas Enterprise Review - Concert 1990.6.8 Volunteer!
Performance Staff LA Weekly Review - Concert 1990.6.8 Volunteer!
Songs in the language of freedom Morse, Steve Boston Globe Review - Concert 1990.6.24 Volunteer!
Music's the message in star-studded Hub concert Reibman, Greg Boston Herald Review - Concert 1990.6.24 Volunteer!
Newport festival redefines folk - again Smith, Andy Providence Journal-Bulletin Review - Concert 1990.8.13 Volunteer!
Funky Tower, Folksy Michelle Shocked a Hit Haymes, Greg Schenectady Daily Gazette Review - Concert 1990.8.13 Volunteer!
Self-interest Fuels Vietnam Generation's Support of Mideast Action Roessner, Barbara Salt Lake Tribune Review - Concert 1990.8.17 Volunteer!
The End of a Shocking Trilogy Hyde, Darrin Rip It Up Interview 1990.9.7 Volunteer!
Michelle Shocked to join campus Goldman festival Jones, Leigh Anne Daily Californian Preview - Concert 1990.10.4 Volunteer!
Goldman's Ghost Richardson, Derk San Francisco Bay Guardian Review - Concert 1990.10.17 Volunteer!

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