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Shell-Shocked? Mitchell, Emily People Profile 1989.. Volunteer!
Shockingly Simple Farber, Celia Spin Profile 1989.0. Volunteer!
Michelle Shocked Staff [unknown] Review - Video 1989.0.0 Volunteer!
The music cooks at Kerrville Racine, Marty Houston Chronicle Review - Concert 1989.0.0 Volunteer!
Sellout concert by top folk rock star... Staff [unknown] Review - Concert 1989.0.0 Volunteer!
Post-punk minstrel Sandall, Robert [unknown] Profile 1989.0.0 Volunteer!
Just a rich and radical country girl Gifford, Adam [unknown] Profile 1989.0.0 Volunteer!
People, Etc. Barry, Beth Miami Herald Profile 1989.1.1 Volunteer!
A 'knee-jerk anarchist' deals with 'Success' Jannone, Claudia East Coast Rocker Profile 1989.1.11 Volunteer!
Michelle Shocked Staff Melody Maker Preview - Concert 1989.2.25 Volunteer!
Michelle Shocked Staff New Musical Express Preview - Concert 1989.2.25 Volunteer!
Michelle Shocked: Mesmerizing Nash, Alanna Stereo Review Review - Album 1989.3.0 Volunteer!
Shocked Pensiero, Nicole City Paper (Philadelphia) Profile 1989.3.10 Volunteer!
Musician of the Year '88 Maurstad, Tom Dallas Observer Profile 1989.3.23 Volunteer!
Michelle Shocked keeps her balance Carman, Tim Houston Post Review - Concert 1989.3.27 Volunteer!
A radical folk singer meets establishment standards Harrington, Richard Washington Post Profile 1989.3.28 Volunteer!
Bubbly Michelle's on song Staff Irish Star Review - Concert 1989.4. Volunteer!
Michelle Shocked Dalton, Stephen [unknown] Review - Concert 1989.4.0 Volunteer!
State of Shock Price, Simon Melody Maker Review - Concert 1989.4.22 Volunteer!
Michelle Shocked King, Sam Sounds Review - Concert 1989.4.22 Volunteer!
In Concert Staff [unknown] Concert advertisement 1989.5.0 Volunteer!
What I figure is.. Shocked, Michelle New Musical Express Quote 1989.5.6 Volunteer!
Rocker Shocked zaps apartheid Harrington, Richard Greenwich Time News Item 1989.5.7 Volunteer!
Singer 'shocked' by success Staff Corvallis Gazette Times Profile 1989.5.17 Volunteer!
Musicians increasingly going solo Catlin, Roger Hartford Courant Profile 1989.6.2 Volunteer!
Pop music rediscovering folk roots Best, Kenneth Albany Times-Union Profile 1989.6.3 Volunteer!
Michelle Shocked Staff Terry Marshall's Daily Insider News Item 1989.7.19 Volunteer!
Don't miss Michelle Shocked Staff City Limits Preview - Concert 1989.7.20 Volunteer!
The grooves of academe Davis, Sarah Music Week Profile 1989.7.22 Volunteer!
Freaking' the media Hecht, Peter Dallas Times Herald Profile 1989.8.23 Volunteer!
Michelle Shocked's new look Staff Melody Maker Profile 1989.8.26 Volunteer!
Shocked rocking campuses O'Keefe, Michael Indiana Statesman Profile 1989.8.30 Volunteer!
The Women's Movement Rogers, Sheila Rolling Stone Profile 1989.9.21 Volunteer!
Not Your Typical Event Staff East Coast Rocker Review - Event 1989.11.1 Volunteer!
Michelle Shocked to tour Staff NPress Profile 1989.11.1 Volunteer!
The Rites of Swing True, Everett Melody Maker Interview 1989.11.4 Volunteer!
Culture Shocked O'Brien, Lucy Guardian Interview 1989.11.8 Volunteer!
It's all swings... Staff New Musical Express Preview - Concert 1989.11.18 Volunteer!
Michelle Shocked Peacock, Tim Sounds Review - Concert 1989.11.25 Volunteer!
Michelle Shocked Lester, Paul Melody Maker Review - Concert 1989.11.25 Volunteer!
Shocked had fans swinging Leaver, Martin Oxford Regional Press Review - Concert 1989.12.0 Volunteer!
Michelle Shocked Cusack, Ian Paint It Red Review - Concert 1989.12.0 Volunteer!
Swing Shift Schoemer, Karen Spin Interview 1989.12.0 Volunteer!
Swing Talk Staff Sparerib Interview 1989.12.0 Volunteer!
Swing Shift Appleford, Steve Minneapolis Request Interview 1989.12.0 Volunteer!
Folk Law Yates, Robert 20/20 Profile 1989.12.0 Volunteer!
Michelle Shocked Anderson, Penny New Musical Express Review - Concert 1989.12.2 Volunteer!
Michelle Shocked Staff Weekend Guardian Preview - Concert 1989.12.2 Volunteer!
Full speed ahead Kohn, Marek Independent Review - Concert 1989.12.2 Volunteer!
Michelle Shocked kicks off 1990 with city show Staff Auckland Sunday Star Profile 1989.12.3 Volunteer!
Shocking change Delingpole, James Daily Telegraph Review - Concert 1989.12.4 Volunteer!
Sisters in shock Rumbold, Judy Guardian Review - Concert 1989.12.4 Volunteer!
Michelle Shocked un' ottima acustica Staff Repubblica Review - Concert 1989.12.4 Volunteer!
Tours and more tours Staff Nine To Five News Item 1989.12.4 Volunteer!
The Shocking story of a new US singing star Staff Melbourne Herald Profile 1989.12.5 Volunteer!
Singles Walker, Stephen Juke Australian Weekly Review - Song 1989.12.9 Volunteer!
Songs tailored to the Season Staff Columbia Daily Tribune Profile 1989.12.10 Volunteer!
Michelle Shocked Staff Beat Magazine Preview - Concert 1989.12.13 Volunteer!
From racism to rape, songs to shock you Lopez, Elisabeth Age Interview 1989.12.15 Volunteer!
That's all folks! Staff New Musical Express Review - Concert 1989.12.16 Volunteer!
Slaves of Sydney Staff 3D World Preview - Concert 1989.12.19 Volunteer!
Shocked in Concert Staff Australian Jewish News Profile 1989.12.22 Volunteer!
Shock value Stewart, Paul Melbourne Sunday Sun Profile 1989.12.24 Volunteer!
Michelle brings her dad along Conrad, Richard Sydney Sunday Telegraph Preview - Concert 1989.12.24 Volunteer!
Ready to be 'Chelle Shocked! Staff Melbourne Sun Preview - Concert 1989.12.28 Volunteer!
Magpie review Staff Bega News Review - Album 1989.12.29 Volunteer!
Texas Campfire Rebel Casimir, Jon Sydney Morning Herald Profile 1989.12.29 Volunteer!

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