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Michelle Shocked Fraser, Natasha [unknown] Profile 1988.. Volunteer!
From campfire to stardom Rizzo, Frank Connecticut Living Profile 1988.4.19 Volunteer!
Billy don't be a hero Staff Metroland Review - Concert 1988.4.21 Volunteer!
Why Now? Isler, Scott Musician Profile 1988.5.23 Volunteer!
Michelle Shocked Flanagan, Bill Musician Profile 1988.5.23 Volunteer!
Campfire Girl Staff Gavin Report Profile 1988.6.3 Volunteer!
Shocked & Clark's Showcase Satisfies Wood, Gerry Billboard Review - Concert 1988.6.18 Volunteer!
They write the songs... and sing them too Browne, David Daily News Profile 1988.7.3 Volunteer!
Shell-Shocked Sawyer, Bob Valley Advocate Interview 1988.7.11 Volunteer!
Shocked Again Staff Cashbox Review - Concert 1988.7.23 Volunteer!
Michelle Shocked Staff FMQB Review - Album 1988.8.5 Volunteer!
Flippant style, serious sound of Michelle Shocked Moon, Tom Philadelphia Enquirer Review - Album 1988.8.14 Volunteer!
Ladies Who Launch: A New Music Menu Brown, Joe Washington Post Review - Album 1988.8.19 Volunteer!
The Beat Staff Chicago Sun Times Review - Album 1988.8.29 Volunteer!
Trouble Makes Good Gleason, Holly Graffiti Profile 1988.9.0 Volunteer!
Michelle Shocked has the talent for folk-oriented success Allen, Greg Atlantic City Press Review - Album 1988.9.2 Volunteer!
With second album, Shocked Has Arrives Pick, Steve St Louis Post Dispatch Review - Album 1988.9.2 Volunteer!
Shocked Therapy Baillie, Stuart New Musical Express Profile 1988.9.3 Volunteer!
Michelle Shocked Staff Washington Post Review - Album 1988.9.4 Volunteer!
Michelle Shocked sounds sharp on 'Short' Staff Miami News Profile 1988.9.15 Volunteer!
Wealth of Michelle Shocked's Talent Shines Through in 'Short Sharp Shocked' Staff Atlanta Constitution Review - Album 1988.9.16 Volunteer!
Michelle Shocked Staff San Francisco Examiner Review - Album 1988.9.18 Volunteer!
Michelle Shocked: Poet, singer, activist Krenis, Karen Des Moines Register Profile 1988.9.22 Volunteer!
Michelle Shocked is latest in revival of folk singers Jordan, Mark Daily Helmsman Profile 1988.9.22 Volunteer!
Michelle 'Shocked' into fame Staff Post Tribune Profile 1988.9.23 Volunteer!
Shocked: one of the year's best Mackie, John Vancouver Sun Profile 1988.9.24 Volunteer!
Former squatter beats the system with hit album Lanham, Tom San Francisco Examiner Profile 1988.9.25 Volunteer!
Love on the Tracks Berman, Leslie Village Voice Profile 1988.9.27 Volunteer!
Singers for Central America Elwood, Philip San Francisco Examiner Review - Concert 1988.9.30 Volunteer!
Protest singers Shocked, Bragg perform at Clearview Taylor, Lisa Dallas Times Herald Preview - Concert 1988.9.30 Volunteer!
Getting Shocked treatment at Wiltern Weiss, Marc Los Angeles Herald Examiner Preview - Concert 1988.9.30 Volunteer!
Campfire still burns for feminist folk singer Shocked Rosen, Craig L.A. Daily News Profile 1988.9.30 Volunteer!
No surprises at Club Clearview Smith, Russell Dallas Morning News Review - Concert 1988.9.30 Volunteer!
Una Vera Folk Singer Chiesa, Guido Bascadero Interview 1988.10. Volunteer!
The Way You Say It Gleason, Holly Frets Profile 1988.10.0 Volunteer!
Gimme gimme Shocked treatment Lozaw, Tristram Boston Rock Profile 1988.10.0 Volunteer!
Slick, Kantner Fire Up Crowd Selvin, Joel San Francisco Examiner Review - Concert 1988.10.1 Volunteer!
Michelle Shocked Staff Los Angeles Times Review - Song 1988.10.1 Volunteer!
Her best is good enough Racine, Marty Houston Chronicle Profile 1988.10.2 Volunteer!
Short, Sharp, Shocked Racine, Marty Houston Chronicle Review - Album 1988.10.2 Volunteer!
Billy Bragg, Michelle Shocked set politics to music in Wiltern concert Appleford, Steve Los Angeles Daily News Review - Concert 1988.10.3 Volunteer!
Michelle Shocked zaps Wiltern in her L.A. debut Everett, Todd Los Angeles Herald Examiner Review - Concert 1988.10.3 Volunteer!
'Modern' singer Shocked carries on rich tradition Strassman, Neil Press-Telegram Review - Concert 1988.10.3 Volunteer!
Love, Politics From Bragg and Shocked Willman, Chris Los Angeles Times Review - Concert 1988.10.3 Volunteer!
Michell Shocked's Secrets Axthelm, Pete Newsweek Review - Album 1988.10.3 Volunteer!
Band toasting beer, footwear Vare, Ethlie Ann Daily Evening Item Preview - Concert 1988.10.3 Volunteer!
A helluva way to make a living Schultz, Lisa Daily Cougar Profile 1988.10.7 Volunteer!
What's in a Name? DeVault, Russ Chicago Sun Times Profile 1988.10.9 Volunteer!
Bragg, Shocked intriguing pair Racine, Marty Houston Chronicle Review - Concert 1988.10.10 Volunteer!
Bragg profits; Shocked only entertains Klatsky, Howard Daily Cougar Review - Concert 1988.10.11 Volunteer!
Bragg, Shocked Blair, Iain Hollywood Reporter Review - Concert 1988.10.11 Volunteer!
Bad times behind her, Michelle Shocked concentrates on good music Pensiero, Nicole Atlantic City Press Profile 1988.10.14 Volunteer!
Michelle Shocked's voice emerges from a chilling past Silverman, David Chicago Tribune Preview - Concert 1988.10.14 Volunteer!
'Dissident' Michelle Shocked Mitchell, Harmen Ann Arbor News Profile 1988.10.15 Volunteer!
Femme-Trend? Harrington, Richard Sacramento Bee Profile 1988.10.16 Volunteer!
British boppers ban smoking on tour Vare, Ethlie Ann Argus Profile 1988.10.16 Volunteer!
Michelle Shocked, Billy Bragg make beautiful music Hoekstra, Dave Chicago Sun-Times Review - Concert 1988.10.17 Volunteer!
She's not shocked by success O'Connor, Larry Canton Observer Profile 1988.10.17 Volunteer!
Revolution Rock Magnino, Lisa Michigan Daily Profile 1988.10.17 Volunteer!
Shocked Value Blair, Iain Chicago Tribune Profile 1988.10.18 Volunteer!
Tomorrow Staff News Preview - Concert 1988.10.19 Volunteer!
Bass rumblings Saum, Steve Emory Wheel Review - Concert 1988.10.21 Volunteer!
A Daughter of the Counterculture Robins, Wayne New York Newsday Profile 1988.10.23 Volunteer!
She's a survivor, but can she handle pop-music biz? Gleason, Holly Saginaw News Profile 1988.10.27 Volunteer!
The State of the Art Cohen, Gabriel New Haven Advocate Profile 1988.10.29 Volunteer!
Bragg and Shocked spread different versions of folk at Wiltern Sundell, Karen Olympian Review - Concert 1988.10.30 Volunteer!
Bragging rights earned Tannenbaum, Rob New York Post Review - Concert 1988.10.30 Volunteer!
Sixties spirit, Eightes sound McElfresh, Suzanne Seventeen Profile 1988.11.0 Volunteer!
World woes and Texas Terrors give balladeer Michelle Shocked her name, game and (unwanted) fame Schindehette, Susan People Profile 1988.11.1 Volunteer!
Short, sharp, talented Gleason, Holly Rolling Stone Profile 1988.11.3 Volunteer!
A liberal Shocked hits the right chord Farley, Christopher USA Today Profile 1988.11.3 Volunteer!
Short, Sharp, Shocked Matthews, Janie Rolling Stone Review - Album 1988.11.3 Volunteer!
Music seminar Discusses How to Put More of the 'L' Word Into Campus Radio Ruhlmann, William New York City Tribune Appearance 1988.11.3 Volunteer!
Shocked keeps reins on her musical motivation Gleason, Holly Daily Review Profile 1988.11.4 Volunteer!
Rocker Shocked: 'I'm a liberal' Staff Gannett News Service Profile 1988.11.4 Volunteer!
She has lived what she sings Gleason, Holly Fresno Bee Profile 1988.11.4 Volunteer!
The Concert Column Montal, Steve Yale Daily News Review - Concert 1988.11.4 Volunteer!
Bros ban smoking on tour Vare, Ethlie Ann Del Rio News Herald Profile 1988.11.4 Volunteer!
Texas-born singer Michelle Shocked believes in a folk 'survival' Rosen, Craig Corpus Christi Profile 1988.11.5 Volunteer!
Billy Bragg and Michelle Shocked have their say Sliwa, Carol Berkshire Eagle Profile 1988.11.6 Volunteer!
CMJ Convention: 'People Have The Power' Daly, Mike Hard News Appearance 1988.11.9 Volunteer!
Cray Shocked Staff Gavin Report Profile 1988.11.14 Volunteer!
Electric Shocked Staff Pollstar Profile 1988.11.14 Volunteer!
Talkin' 'bout revolution for women in pop? Wilson, Susan Boston Sunday Globe Profile 1988.11.20 Volunteer!
Short, Sharp, Shocked Staff Los Angeles Times Review - Album 1988.11.27 Volunteer!
Michelle Shocked Sullivan, Caroline Music Express Review - Concert 1988.12.0 Volunteer!
Short, Sharp, Shocked JG Guitar Player Review - Album 1988.12.0 Volunteer!
Culture Shocked Jannone, Claudia Philadelphia Scan Magazine Profile 1988.12.0 Volunteer!
Leading Ladies Staff Rolling Stone Profile 1988.12.15 Volunteer!
Michelle Shocked im Kolner Wartesaal Breer, Meik Neue Ruhr Zeitung Review - Concert 1988.12.19 Volunteer!
This was the year conscience crept back into pop Silverman, David Santa Barbara News-Press Profile 1988.12.30 Volunteer!
Ins and Outs of 1989 Staff USA Today Mention 1988.12.30 Volunteer!

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